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LadBaby Rocks!

LadBaby Hits No 1 in the UK!

At we applaud and salute LadBaby and their No 1 UK hit song “I Love Sausage Rolls!” It’s a spoof of the famous Joan Jett hit “I Love Rock and Roll” only with sausage. What could be better, you ask? What could possibly be cooler than sausage and rock and roll? Well, maybe beer and sausage and rock and roll but that’s a minor quibble.

What makes this effort truly fantastic is that, per this The Guardian article entitled “‘I Love Sausage Rolls is for people who can’t eat’: LadBaby’s Mark Hoyle”, proceeds will “benefit the Trussell Trust, a charity that supports more than 1,200 food banks in the UK.”

Even more amazing is that LadBaby also reached No 1 last year with their hit song “We Built This City …on Sausage Rolls!” Accor...

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Sausage Hate Abounds

No Love For Love Sausage

We at are increasingly aware that the sausage world is constantly under attack, most recently by an elected official in Scotland. Paisley Southeast Independent Councillor Paul Mack has called for Marks & Spencers Love Sausage to be removed from Renfrewshire outlets! Marks & Spencers Love Sausage is a heart shaped, bacon wrapped sausage, which was marketed as a Valentine’s Day special.

This Daily Record article entitled “Controversial Paisley councillor takes aim at Marks & Spencer’s ‘Love Sausage’…” details the Councillor’s misguided attempt to ban the sausage. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed...

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Embrace the Sausage, Grasshoppers!

Embrace the Sausage, Grasshoppers!

This just in from the “One person’s sausage is another’s poison” department:

The Problem

Hayley Higgins, a “mum of four” from Norris Green, Liverpool, dared to look a gift sausage in the mouth and now must be held accountable. Manna from heaven, in the form of sausage and chips, showed up at her door on Christmas Eve. Instead of thanking her lucky stars for this stroke of sausage serendipity she put up a big fuss because she didn’t get the pigs in blankets, roast potatoes and sprouts she had ordered weeks in advance. Ms...

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In Search of the Naked Truth

In Search of the Naked Truth

After a photo of a naked butcher preparing sausages appeared on Facebook, Australian authorities have vowed to get to the bottom of the story. They seek nothing but the bare facts and will not ass-ume anything. Nothing shall “hinder” their efforts to expose the naked truth.

Per the ABC Australia article, the photo “shows a butcher handling sausages dressed in only boots and an apron, leaving his bare buttocks exposed.

The butcher has been terminated from his employment and a meat recall has been issued.

It would be easy to “crack” a butt joke here but the naked butcher has enough problems without being made the butt of a sausage joke. Besides, this is no laughing matter! We have already issued a travel warning for Adelaide, where a superm...

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Evo Terra, A Hero

Sausage Super Hero

Given the abundance of negative sausage news out there it’s understandable that any sausage lover might start feeling a bit depressed. There’s the sad story of the 22 year old unemployed, hyphenated Floridian who pelted his mom with sausage because she didn’t drop everything and make him a meal. A true candidate for the Sausagefest Wall of Sausage Shame if ever there was. Then there’s the report out of Milwaukee regarding the shutdown of a sausage plant after recalling 13 tons of headcheese due to a listeria threat. Speaking of the Wall of Sausage Shame, there’s this story regarding the German “sausage cartel” that was fined millions for keeping sausage prices artificially inflated for well over a decade...

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Diapers? Really? Who Ya Crappin’?

Diapers? Really? Who Ya Crappin’?

Last Monday the fate of sausage in the free world found itself under siege once again! Today we can all rest a little easier, thanks to the efforts of Scout and Emma, employees of the Canadian Border Patrol. (Funny, they don’t look like sausage dogs!)

Scout and Emma sniffed out a dastardly attempt to illegally smuggle sausage into Canada. Four kilos of sausage were found inside the luggage of a passenger arriving at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport on a flight from El Salvador. Authorities discovered “three packages of sausage links that were well-concealed in layers [of] plastic, aluminum foil, paper and diapers.”

Per the Canadian Border Patrol, ‘Smuggling sausages in diapers will not work.’

At Sausagefest...

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Microsoft Sausage Love

Hot Dog Stand
Remembering “Hot Dog Stand”
Once Upon A Time, A Long Time Ago

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a company named Microsoft included a free and unique theme in its Windows 3.1 product. That theme was entitled “Hot Dog Stand” and is considered by some to be among the ugliest Windows themes ever. This TheNextWeb article entitled “World’s worst theme proves Microsoft once had sense of humor” provides more info, as well as a screenshot of the “Hot Dog Stand” theme.

Microsoft products have been around during most of Billy’s adult life and he’s no stranger to software application programs like MS-SQL Server, MS-Exchange Server and MS-Office. If implemented and integrated properly, those software packages can significantly improve business productivity.

In the digital rea...

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Sausagefest Travel Warning: Adelaide, South Australia

Rusted skull and cross bones danger sign

Adelaide’s Anus Beef Sausages Triggered A Sausagefest Travel Warning

For The Love Of All Things Sausage, Avoid Adelaide!

This recent news item from the land down under prompted us to issue yet another “Sausagefest Travel Warning.

You: This sausage really tastes like cr@p!

Your Aussie Friend: Well mate, what do you expect? You ordered an Anus Beef Sausage!

Per this Daily Mail article, “A new variety of meat has hit Australian supermarket shelves.” That’s right, Free Country Anus Beef Sausage was seen on the shelves at the Foodland in Valley View, a suburb of Adelaide.

At, we love our sausage and celebrate its many different varieties. Butt, enough is enough. Here’s where we draw the line.

You don’t want to go down under … you don’t want to hav...

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Super Bowl Party Food Map

Wait, what? Chex Mix and Pinwheels?

Today the Sausage Feed featured an article by Jonathan Raymond about Super Bowl party foods. “It’s not wings: States’ favorite Super Bowl party foods revealed.” For those who may not know, The Sausage Feed is “Sausage News For Youse (Guys)” and features all kinds of articles about sausage. You never know what will appear there and it keeps updating so check it out regularly.

Anyway, the Super Bowl party food article caught my eye and now I think I’m getting the short end of the sausage stick, if you know what I mean! Our publisher, Kent Antonious, is flying down to Florida to take in the Super Bowl and to engage in high level sausage and wine talks with Dr Z, our awesome foodie friend and all-around great guy...

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Sausage Spaghetti Western: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Sausage Spaghetti Western: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

To help get you in the proper frame of mind let’s start this off with the theme from “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” by Hugo Montenegro and His Orchestra.

Recent sausage news brings to mind the iconic Spaghetti Western “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.” It’s part of the Dollars Trilogy and stars Clint Eastwood and Eli Wallach. Per the IMDB Plot Summary “Blondie (The Good) is a professional gunslinger…Angel Eyes (The Bad) is a hit man…and Tucho (The Ugly) is a wanted outlaw.”

So Billy, what’s that have to do with sausage?

The Good: The Resourceful Butcher

A recent uplifting story featured in US News and World Report tells us about the resourceful butcher who, unfortunately, got locked in a freezer...

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