On The Sausage Trail

Sunset Over Highway

The Sausage Trail: Sausagefest On The Road

Although based in Chicago, Sausagefest also covers sausage artists from other parts of the country and the world. Check back for more reports from the road!

Feeling inspired? Use our Sausage Map to blaze your own Sausage Trail or follow the steps of Kent Antonious.

On The Sausage Trail: Middleton, WI

Summer Sausagefest Travel – Middleton, Wisconsin - August, 2010 Some folks go to Mecca, others visit Rome or Jerusalem, and pagans go to Vegas. If you are even ...
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On The Sausage Trail: Chicago – – Bin 36

Chicago - - Bin 36 We taste a lot of sausages. A lot of sausages we taste we don’t talk about. Why bring mediocre experiences to your attention? ...
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On The Sausage Trail: Cabo San Lucas

Dateline: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - – March, 2012 Cabo San Lucas is at the tip of the second longest peninsula in the world, the Baja California peninsula ...
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On The Sausage Trail: Washington, DC

Dateline: Washington, DC - June 2012 With Sausagefest.com being a Chicago based organization (I use that term loosely) you might think we get Chicago or Midwest centric. Unlike ...
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On The Sausage Trail: Cleveland

Sausagefest.com on the Road Report: Cleveland, Ohio Bass Lake Taverne – Inn Chardon, Ohio Cleveland has the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, the first place Indians, the ...
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On The Sausage Trail: Cancun

Cancun - Sausage Update Dateline Cancun, Mexico – January 2009 Treat yourself to some time in Cancun. The sea has a beautiful turquoise hue and it’s hard to ...
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