In Search of the Naked Truth

In Search of the Naked Truth

After a photo of a naked butcher preparing sausages appeared on Facebook, Australian authorities have vowed to get to the bottom of the story. They seek nothing but the bare facts and will not ass-ume anything. Nothing shall “hinder” their efforts to expose the naked truth.

Per the ABC Australia article, the photo “shows a butcher handling sausages dressed in only boots and an apron, leaving his bare buttocks exposed.

The butcher has been terminated from his employment and a meat recall has been issued.

It would be easy to “crack” a butt joke here but the naked butcher has enough problems without being made the butt of a sausage joke. Besides, this is no laughing matter! We have already issued a travel warning for Adelaide, where a supermarket sold “Free Country Anus Beef Sausage.” At this point we’re not sure whether there’s a connection between the naked butcher and the special sausage sold near Adelaide. Whether these two stories are isolated incidents or are perhaps indicative of a larger pattern of bad sausage behavior in Australia has yet to be determined. We are bummed either way. It appears that sausage in the Land Down Under has hit bottom!

Welcome to the Wall of Sausage Shame, naked butcher!