Super Bowl Party Food Map

Wait, what? Chex Mix and Pinwheels?

Today the Sausage Feed featured an article by Jonathan Raymond about Super Bowl party foods. “It’s not wings: States’ favorite Super Bowl party foods revealed.” For those who may not know, The Sausage Feed is “Sausage News For Youse (Guys)” and features all kinds of articles about sausage. You never know what will appear there and it keeps updating so check it out regularly.

Anyway, the Super Bowl party food article caught my eye and now I think I’m getting the short end of the sausage stick, if you know what I mean! Our publisher, Kent Antonious, is flying down to Florida to take in the Super Bowl and to engage in high level sausage and wine talks with Dr Z, our awesome foodie friend and all-around great guy. Meanwhile, I’m staying behind in Illinois to mind the shop.

I was perfectly fine with that arrangement until I took a closer look at the Super Bowl party food map. As fate would have it, Florida serves up sausage cheese balls while Illinois allegedly favors chex mix. Kent will be in his element, that’s for sure! But frickin’ chex mix for Illinois? That’s beyond lame! Unless maybe it’s chex mix with sausage and cheese, then it might be okay if you ate around the mix but then why even bother with the mix, right?

Since it’s not too far away I could drive up to Wisconsin for a pinwheel but what the heck’s a pinwheel and why would I want to eat it? Clearly, the map did not say “pinwheel brat!” My Google search on “Super Bowl pinwheel recipes” resulted in such “adorable” delicacies as Cucumber Roll-Ups With Greek Yogurt or Pesto Tortilla Pinwheels. Adorable? I got yer adorable right here! A Wisconsin favorite snack without sausage or cheese? Who invaded Wisconsin and suddenly made them healthy? When did that happen? How did they let that happen?

As depressing as it sounds, I’m probably better off in Illinois with the lame chex mix.