Who We Are

Kent Antonius, Editor-In-Chief & Publisher

Kent was born to Polish and Lithuanian parents. Sausages were part of every holiday and family gathering. Raised in Chicago, sausages were everywhere. His first job was working at a hot dog stand on Chicago’s Southside.

As an adult, though not very mature one, he has eaten sausages from Canada to Mexico. He’s eaten sausages in almost all the states of the US.

His business experience has been in the information technology industry. In the 1990’s he began working with commercial internet systems and the combination of that experience with his interest in sausage gave birth to Sausagefest.com.

Questions or comments? Contact Kent at: kentantonius@yahoo.com

Billy Bratzenbier, Roving Editor & Website Guy

Billy grew up devouring sausage, lake perch, brats and beer in Wisconsin. He spent many years working as an information technology professional and now provides commentary and technical support for Sausagefest.com. He is serious about sausage, food & adult beverages but not much else.

Billy has been blessed with a perfect name and has been called a sausage guardian, among other things. Sausagefest.com is his ideal hangout! Billy maintains the Sausagefest Holiday Calendar and runs Billy’s Brat Stand, an archive of his sausage rants, ramblings and diatribes.

Contact Billy at: billybratzenbier@gmail.com.