Diapers? Really? Who Ya Crappin’?

Diapers? Really? Who Ya Crappin’?

Last Monday the fate of sausage in the free world found itself under siege once again! Today we can all rest a little easier, thanks to the efforts of Scout and Emma, employees of the Canadian Border Patrol. (Funny, they don’t look like sausage dogs!)

Scout and Emma sniffed out a dastardly attempt to illegally smuggle sausage into Canada. Four kilos of sausage were found inside the luggage of a passenger arriving at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport on a flight from El Salvador. Authorities discovered “three packages of sausage links that were well-concealed in layers [of] plastic, aluminum foil, paper and diapers.”

Per the Canadian Border Patrol, ‘Smuggling sausages in diapers will not work.’

At Sausagefest.com we try not to be judgmental! We understand that different people enjoy sausage in different ways. So if you feel like stuffing eight pounds of sausage into your diapers and strutting around in the comfort and privacy of your own home, go ahead — knock yourself out! But please, pretty please with sausage on it — do the rest of us a favor and stay home! This does not need to be seen in public. What has been seen cannot be unseen!

We appreciate and applaud the efforts of our friendly neighbors to the north, especially Scout and Emma!

Link to Global News Canada article