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Ya Hey Dere! You Wanted Kraut On That Brat, Ain’a?

Welcome to Billy’s Brat Stand, musings by Billy Bratzenbier.

Billy Bratzenbier is a roving editor and has been described as a “sausage guardian.” His rants, ramblings and sausage diatribes are archived in the posts below.

Sausage Hate Abounds

By Billy Bratzenbier No Love For Love Sausage We at are increasingly aware that the sausage world is constantly under attack, most recently by an elected official in Scotland ...
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Embrace the Sausage, Grasshoppers!

By Billy Bratzenbier Embrace the Sausage, Grasshoppers! This just in from the "One person's sausage is another's poison" department: The Problem ...

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