Sausagefest 2007 Review

Sausagefest #10 – On The Eve of Sausagefest X

August 21, 2007

Tin, aluminum, and diamond – those are the British, American, and Modern symbols for the tenth anniversary. I can see the Brits doing a tin of candy, a tin of tea, but what really nice gift of tin have you received lately? Something from the Wizard of Oz catalog from the Tin Man section?

But the Brits have been civilized longer than we have and maybe tin back in the day was more meaningful. Aluminum foil is handy but don’t bring a case of aluminum foil to Sausagefest. So let’s just agree that diamonds are okay and any size larger than a fingernail is acceptable

It’s hard to believe that ten years of great sausages and great wine drinking has grown into a very large party with a cult like following.

Hey wait a second; everyone I know is two cocktails from a Betty Ford alumni party. And, the smell of grill fired sausages has a wider appeal than American Idol. It’s not so surprising after all. The fest worked from the beginning and we’re still motoring.

This year the theme is 2007: A Sausagefest Odyssey. It’s been a long strange trip and it’s been our family of friends who kept the journey going. I hope we can all be doing this for many years to come – despite the indictments, work release agreements, DUI’s, restraining orders, and general disarray our lives throw at us.

Somehow we can get straightened up for one night and still do what’s important – drink and eat with friends. In the really old days it was a Roman orgy – togas, wine, endless food, and the god knows what else. I was thinking this might be a good toga year. It’s been a little warm, and something cottony and baggy would be okay. But rather than incur a toga expense I‘d rather you go find a great new sausage maker and buy his or her sausages. Or even better, go buy our T-shirts!

We have our tradition of great sausage with great wine. I urge each of the attendees to bring the best and the most delicious – as usual. We will speak glowingly of your great contributions of wonderful Zinfandel, Cabernets, Chilean Reds, Australian Shiraz; as well as your Polish sausage, Italian, and Irish bangers.

We are always interested in sampling home creations or tasting the creations of new sausage makers you have stumbled across.