International Stout Day

The first Thursday in November is International Stout Day so be sure to set up a recurring event in your calendar. Stout comes in different styles so a certain amount of planning is in order.

Start off your day with a breakfast stout or a coffee stout then advance to something more substantial. A smooth oatmeal stout or a maple stout would fit the bill nicely. Keep in mind that healthy eating is important so be sure to include a milk stout or two. It’s up to you whether to have your Guinness Draught Stout before your Russian Imperial Stout. The order doesn’t really matter, just make sure to acquire the highest grade Guinness available. The Imperial Stout will feature a higher alcohol content so plan accordingly.

Stout means “strong” so any stout will stand up to that spicy sausage dish you’re craving. Go for it!

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