International Gin & Tonic Day

Gin drinkers around the world celebrate International Gin & Tonic Day today.

Sausage and gin is possible. Certainly Bangers and gin.

–Kent Antonius

Make It A Double: Gin & Tonic is special! How special, you ask? So special that we celebrate the Gin & Tonic twice a year! In the U.S., Gin & Tonic Day is celebrated on April 6th. The international gin community celebrates it October 19th.

Make It A Triple: Celebrate Gin & Tonic Day (U.S.) on April 9th and International Gin & Tonic Day on October 19. Also, be sure to celebrate World Gin Day on the second Saturday in June.

Hit For The Cycle: Ginuary, aka January, is celebrated during the entire month of January. It’s good to be a gin drinker!

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