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‘Tis the Season: Sausage Hope and Forgiveness, UK Style

The Advent season is upon us, a season of hope, forgiveness and salvation. Greggs, the UK’s largest bakery chain, is renowned for their sausage rolls. Now they have gained notoriety for their Advent calendar, which this year included a controversial ad featuring a sausage roll. Not just any sausage roll, mind you! This particular sausage roll was depicted lying in a manger, surrounded by wise men. Per this Time article, the “Bakery Apologizes for Replacing Jesus With a Sausage Roll in Nativity Scene.

Some customers took offense, so in the spirit of the season Greggs sought their own hope and forgiveness by issuing an apology. According to Greggs, they never intended to cause any offense by the ad.

It’s Not Over

End of story? Not quite. According to The Independent, a British online newspaper, “LBC presenter James O’Brien told a joke about the Greggs’ sausage roll nativity, only to be told off by a disgruntled caller.

Per the article, Mr. O’Brien engaged in this exchange with the caller:

“Spell Jesus for me,” he told the listener. “Now say it backwards,” Mr O’Brien added.

Marion spelt out the letters in “susej” – which the host asks her to read out as a word.

“It’s a sausage!” Mr O’Brien exclaimed, after the listener interjected.

Needless to say, the caller was not amused.

You cant make this stuff up! I think I’ll pass on Greggs’ Advent calendar. That’s way too much controversy for Billy Bratzenbier. I only need to know when it’s Friday, the one day you can get a Pepper & Egg with Sausage sammy over at the Buona.