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Sausagefest 2009 Review

Sausagefest #12 – The Summary

Thanks to all the guests, friends and friends of friends that helped make 2009 a great Sausagefest.

Sausagefest has a simple goal – find the best sausages, enjoy tasting them, then let people know who’s making them and if they are publicly available. We also recognize that there professional sausage makers and amateurs.

Too often sausages get a bad rap. But, when you taste a sausage made by an sausage artist like Hungry Hill, Elburn Market, Lalich’s Deli, Gaziano’s, (Des Moines) or Goodrich’s (East Lansing) you know you are eating a quality food product.

The sausages from professional sausage makers at Sausagefest 2009 were many, but the following sausages and their sausage maker were exceptional.

Exceptional Sausages (Professional Sausage Artists...

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Sausagefest 2011 Review

Sausagefest #14 – Summary & Results

For the first time in Sausagefest history we had to deal with some rainy weather. But, we had positive things happened that helped us deal with the weather.

First, we had Spontaneous Tent Erection (STE, for you medical types) and that saved us from:
A. Electrocuting Irv and his musical equipment
B. Kept our sausage serving buffet dry
Many thanks to our friends who brought the extra tents. May your STE powers stay with you forever.

Second, several people walked up to me and said. “It never rains at Sausagefest.” Proving that a positive attitude can overcome obvious empirical evidence to the contrary. I think the wine and beer consumption helped bolster that ignore-the-weather attitude.

Here are some of the measures of our misbegotten behavior:
• Fo...

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Sausagefest 2016 Review

Sausagefest #18 – After One Year Off, Sausagefest Came Back To Life

Even with a one year hiatus the sausagefest participants went back to the established practices they learned over the past 17 years:

  • Bring great wine🍷
  • Bring lots of great beer🍺
  • Bring lots of good sausage🌭
  • Wish for nice weather☀

While three of the variables are in human hands, the weather answered prayers,a cool early fall day gave way to a beautiful evening. Eighteen years of great weather, so you know it is an ordained event from on high.

By unofficial count the fest had 65 to 70 people, 35 bottles of wine consumed, 30 sausages grilled and more than 100 beers consumed...

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Sausage Mascot Controversey

We’re following the controversy surrounding Denny’s sausage mascot! Despite some negative publicity, Denny’s stands by their mascot. Check out these articles:

ABC News


Boston’s ALT 92.9 Radio

Miami Herald

Sacramento Bee

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Mysterious Origins of Sausage Article

SausageFest Logo

Follow this link to read an Atlas Obscura article about “The Mysterious Origins of a Food That’s Always Been Funny: The Sausage.

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Antonius Galleria di Salsiccia — Sausagefest Photo Gallery

Sausagefest Photos

Perhaps some wine with your sausage? Or sausage with your wine?

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Sausage Maker Map

Sausage Maker Map

Below is a map of both Sausage Pioneers and Approved Sausage Makers.

  • The Sausage Pioneers are the oldest sausage makers in America. Click this “link” for more information.
  • Here are some of Sausagefest’s Approved Sausage Makers and the sausages enjoyed at Sausagefest 2016.

Filter by

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Roasted Chorizo & Summer Vegetables


Click here to read’s interview with Pat & Ellie Mullins.

LOCAL Sustainable Foods & Cured Meats was established in 2010 in New Buffalo, MI. Click here to visit LOCAL.

They shared this recipe with

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Sausage Maker of The Month: LOCAL Sausage

Pat & Ellie Mullins Local
A Pound of Questions for LOCAL: Q&A With Pat & Ellie Mullins
New Buffalo, Michigan – a Lake Michigan shore community.
1. How did you get started in sausage making?

Pat: For me it started at the Chicago Cooking and Hospitality Institute. John Fuente was one of my instructors and whole idea of quality ingredients and eating well started there. Then I was lucky enough to intern at Blackbird and started making sausages there.

Then two friends and I went to California and by our second restaurant gig, I was becoming the sausage guy, and that’s when I started realizing this is what I need to do.

2. Ellie, how did you come into the food business – and why healthy sausage?

Growing up in Belgium (her parents are US citizens living abroad) sausages and healthy eating were just what we ...

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Some Great Recipes


For many people, cooking sausages connects them with primal parts of their being. Some want their sausages well done because cavemen invented fire 5000 years agoand that’s why you cook the sausages so well. While there are those who seek perfection on earth and imagine their grilled sausage is part of that quest. Maybe it’s a spectrum thing, a range of tastes that in many cases have no overlapping common elements – like a red state Trumpite talking to a Seattle blue stater about politics. There may be agreement on oxygen being necessary to breathe but after that the particular variables are marbles rolling around crashing into each other.

But, even in quandaries of conflicting deeply held values there can be some knowledge gained for both parties and al...

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