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National Harvey Wallbanger Day

Today we celebrate National Harvey Wallbanger Day. This article, written by Robert Simonson, contends “The murky origins of one of the most popular drinks of the 1970s reveals a tale of surfers, marketing, and a mysterious bartender.”

The Harvey Wallbanger cocktail was especially popular in the 1970s. As you baseball fans will recall, the 1982 Milwaukee Brewers were nicknamed “Harvey’s Wallbangers“. Per Wikipedia, “The 1982 Milwaukee Brewers, winners of the American League pennant, were nicknamed ‘Harvey’s Wallbangers,’ because of the team’s power hitting (wall banging) under mid-season manager Harvey Kuenn.”

In recent Havery Wallbanger news: “The Harvey Wallbanger cocktail is enjoying a local revival thanks to Hurricane Harvey barreling into Texas,” per this article.

Here’s a Harvey Wallbanger recipe.

More Info:   National Harvey Wallbanger Day

Note: November 8th is a Sausagefest Two-For Holiday. We celebrate both National Harvey Wallbanger Day and National Shot Day today.