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National Craft Jerky Day

Today is National Craft Jerky Day! Let’s start off by saying there’s no shortage of crafty jerks out there. Like those drivers whose one mission in life is to get in front of you at all costs, even it involves passing you while driving on a gravel shoulder and cutting you off. Hey, I’ve got a vehicle beneath me, a surface beneath the vehicle and a destination. You got a problem wit dat, my friend? Welcome to Chicago!

But that’s not what National Craft Jerky Day is all about! Let’s celebrate Craft Jerky, especially Sausage Craft Jerky. Here’s an awesome and insightful YouTube video by steve45ca, entitled How to make sausage jerky.

More Info:   National Craft Jerky Day

Note: November 27th is a Sausagefest Two-For Holiday. We celebrate both National Craft Jerky Day and National Bavarian Cream Pie Day today.