Liverpudlian Sausage Ingrate bemoans holiday sausage surprise!    Naked Butcher Lands at #4 on the Wall of Sausage Shame!    Man loses 14 pounds in October by sticking to a Beer and Sausage diet.    Toronto Sausage Smuggler places #3 on the Wall of Sausage Shame!    Stop by Billy's Brat Stand for sausage rants, ramblings and diatribes by Billy Bratzenbier, Sausagefest's roving/raving editor!    Sausage Alert: Sausagefest Travel Warning: Bradford, England! Click for details!    Visit the Sausage Storage archive for past reviews of Sausagefest.    Support Sausagefest by clicking our sponsor ads and links!

Billy’s Brat Stand

Ya Hey Dere! You Wanted Kraut On That Brat, Ain’a?

Welcome to Billy’s Brat Stand, musings by Billy Bratzenbier.

Billy Bratzenbier is a roving editor and has been described as a “sausage guardian.” His rants, ramblings and sausage diatribes are archived in the posts below.

Sausage Hate Abounds

By Billy Bratzenbier No Love For Love Sausage We at are increasingly aware that the sausage world is constantly under attack, most recently by an elected official in Scotland ...
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Embrace the Sausage, Grasshoppers!

By Billy Bratzenbier Embrace the Sausage, Grasshoppers! This just in from the "One person's sausage is another's poison" department: The Problem Hayley Higgins, a "mum of four" from Norris Green, ...
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In Search of the Naked Truth

By Billy Bratzenbier In Search of the Naked Truth After a photo of a naked butcher preparing sausages appeared on Facebook, Australian authorities have vowed to get to the bottom ...
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Evo Terra, A Hero

By Billy Bratzenbier Sausage Super Hero Given the abundance of negative sausage news out there it's understandable that any sausage lover might start feeling a bit depressed. There's the sad ...
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Diapers? Really? Who Ya Crappin’?

By Billy Bratzenbier Diapers? Really? Who Ya Crappin'? Last Monday the fate of sausage in the free world found itself under siege once again! Today we can all rest a ...
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Microsoft Sausage Love

By Billy Bratzenbier Remembering "Hot Dog Stand" Once Upon A Time, A Long Time Ago Once upon a time, a long time ago, a company named Microsoft included a free ...
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Sausagefest Travel Warning: Adelaide, South Australia

By Billy Bratzenbier For The Love Of All Things Sausage, Avoid Adelaide! This recent news item from the land down under prompted us to issue yet another "Sausagefest Travel Warning." ...
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Super Bowl Party Food Map

By Billy Bratzenbier Wait, what? Chex Mix and Pinwheels? Today the Sausage Feed featured an article by Jonathan Raymond about Super Bowl party foods. "It's not wings: States' favorite Super ...
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Sausage Spaghetti Western: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

By Billy Bratzenbier Sausage Spaghetti Western: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly To help get you in the proper frame of mind let's start this off with the theme ...
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Florida Iguana Rain

By Billy Bratzenbier Further Frozen Floridan Fallout According to this article from The Guardian by Julia Carrie Wong, "Extreme temperatures across the east coast are causing cold-blooded reptiles to ‘shut ...
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Sausagefest Travel Warning: Bradford, England

By Billy Bratzenbier If You Love Sausage, Stay Away From Bradford, England Here's another disturbing story from across the pond and let me tell you, this one has Billy all ...
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Yes, Virginia, There Is A Sausage Claus

By Billy Bratzenbier From The "Don't Look A Gift Sausage In The Mouth Department" "Florida family stumped after 15 pounds of sausage falls on house" is the title of this ...
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The Tennis Star, The Butcher and The Sausage Baby

By Billy Bratzenbier It's About the Sausage, Baby This Pedestrian article, entitled Scottish Butcher Celebrates Andy Murray’s Baby With Cursed Sausage Golem describes the unique way that Scottish butcher John ...
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‘Tis the Season: Sausage Hope and Forgiveness, UK Style

By Billy Bratzenbier The Advent season is upon us, a season of hope, forgiveness and salvation. Greggs, the UK's largest bakery chain, is renowned for their sausage rolls. Now they ...
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Sausage Search and Seizure — A Dark Day for Sausage

By Billy Bratzenbier Warning: What follows is a disturbing sausage story from across the pond! Last September Shirley Manor Primary Academy in Bradford, England, implemented a new policy which bans ...
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Sausagefest Accolade

By Billy Bratzenbier "Sausage fest" was added to the Oxford English Dictionary earlier this year. While we are incredibly proud of this prestigious accolade, we take this opportunity to officially ...
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